Why to go containers are a must for ice cream shops

Why to go containers are a must for ice cream shops

Did you know that the amount of dine-in customers has dropped significantly in the past year for restaurants, ice cream shops, boba stores and more?

But, I am sure you could have guessed that! Many of our clients are also reporting a drop in cone sales, have you noticed this at all? We can also tell from our own data that most of our customers are purchasing more cups, which leads us to believe that the decrease in cone sales is probably true for most.

At the same time... Orders and walk in customers are up for many compared to last year. We hope this is the same for you.

This makes sense since less people are sitting down and finishing their desserts, and instead taking them on the fly!

As a dessert business owner you could take advantage of this by offering pints, quarts and even half pint containers (see video below) to your customers.

Offering a "bulk" or family style discount on a larger to-go tub would entice many families! Especially since they will have nice secure lids on their ice cream, perfect for the car rid home.

At Frozen Solutions, we have a full line up of to-go containers in various sizes and colors. Keep your ice cream looking fresh in cow print, striped, white or polka dot pint and quart containers, or go with a neutral Kraft container to match those earthy tones in your store.

Whatever you choose, you should let your customers know you have to-go containers with lids! If they don't know, they won't buy! So get some signage up and a newsletter out if you have one.

Dec 11th 2021 Vincent

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