Online Sales Tax & Exemptions

Hey Frozen Fam! We have a quick update regarding sales tax exemptions and new laws that were recently put in place. Due to a decision by the Supreme Court, most states are now requiring online businesses to collect sales tax, even if they are not located within the state being collected upon.

For most of you, there are easy solutions to this which we have detailed below:

- If you are a registered business you most likely have your states Sales Tax ID (if not you can apply for one)

- Aquire a Sales Tax or Resell Tax certificate (many states require businesses to have one, so you may already have it)

If you have either of these forms you can simply email it to us at: 

We will make a record of it so that we can make sure you are not charged sales tax on our items.

Please Note: Frozen Solutions does not provide any type of legal advice including but not limited to: accounting, tax, business etc... You should consult your accountant/ lawyer with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this matter.