About Us

We started years ago, with a few simple promises to our clients: Answer the phone, return a call when you say you will, provide exemplary customer service, and supply one-of-a-kind products at a fair price. What started with one first to market product, our MAGIC Color Changing® Spoons, quickly led to others...
Some of our firsts to the frozen treat industry:

 1) MAGIC Color Changing® medium weight spoons in 30 different colors.
2) MAGIC Color Changing® super styrene spoons that color change in both hot and cold applications.
3) MAGIC Color Changing® boba and milkshake straws.
4) MAGIC Color Changing® spoons, bowls and cups proudly made in the USA.
5) Patented edible divider.
6) Cow print series of drink cups, bowls, quarts and pints.
7) Full line of MAGIC Color Changing products - 7 spoons, 7 straws, 5 bowls, 3 cups, water bottles and more!