Need A Soft Serve Rental?

Posted by Vincent on Aug 8th 2019

Searching for a froyo, gelato, or ice cream machine? They are available for rent at: are even rolled ice cream cold surface machines available! If you need o … read more

New supplies are coming!

Posted by Vincent on Jul 29th 2019

We have some amazing new frozen treat supplies coming to the Frozen Solutions shop!If you are looking for something new, exciting, and different,  stay tuned! Your favorite frozen dessert supplie … read more
MOO-Tastic Cups!

MOO-Tastic Cups!

Posted by Vincent on Jul 27th 2019

Some of the hottest frozen treat supplies to help you cool off and boost sales are....The Cow Print series of cups! That's right, they have proven to be a favorite frozen dessert supply item for years … read more

Did you know...

Posted by Vincent on Jul 25th 2019

That we are the originators of the MAGIC Color Changing® Spoons, Cups and Straws?That's right... They started here and we STILL have the best ones. It's one of the many reasons Frozen Solutions i … read more

Can you believe it?

Posted by Vincent on Jul 23rd 2019

Can you believe that Halloween decorations are already being sold in stores?! It's July 23rd and there are pumpkins and bats hanging from our local grocery store... How about you? I was driving d … read more