Shipping Updates & Information

Shipping Updates & Information

Dear Frozen Solutions Family,

As you may know shipping times and prices have been steadily increasing since the beginning of Covid-19. Frozen Solutions is doing its best to bring you fair pricing, quick shipping times, and to remain competitive while businesses navigate these new times.

The price of shipping a container overseas has increased 500% over the last year and the cost to ship a container has skyrocketed to $20,000. This has caused many small businesses problems when it comes to re-stocking inventory.

On top of that port, closures have been a monthly occurrence due to Coved-19, the new Delta variant, and shipping boats getting stuck and delayed.

This has all caused a ripple effect in the supply chain for many products.

We anticipate supply chain interruptions on PET plastic cup products, lids, portion cups, and some utensils.

As of this week, there are currently over 30 ships stuck in San Pedro bay awaiting movement and unloading. This means a delay in replenishing stock and price increases for certain products.

We are working hard to stay the best priced frozen treat supplies, distributors and to move some of our manufacturing to the USA.

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding while we all work this out and continue to provide you with the high-quality products you know and love.

On behalf of the Frozen Solutions team, thank you for your support!

Aug 21st 2021 Vincent

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