MAGIC Color Changing® Spoons And More!

MAGIC Color Changing® Spoons And More!

We've been working around the clock to stay stocked with your favorite frozen dessert supplies. Everything from ice cream spoons, cups, lids and more!

And we have some good news for you. We've re-stocked on MAGIC Color Change® spoons! Most colors are in stock and ready to go.

We know a lot of people use these spoons almost exclusively and we've been out of them for a while.

Have you ever thought about making the switch to color change products? Or possibly using them out for promotions and/or in small quantities?

Our customers tell us that color change spoons are a great business booster. They cause people to come back to your shop. Why? Because it gives them something to remember. So the next time they want ice cream, froyo etc... they think of your shop first!

Plus all the kid will want to collect each color! Just let them know that they only get 1 spoon per visit.

But don't stop at color change spoons. Check out this awesome promo that sweet frog runs.

Pay $2 for a color change bowl and get 10% off your total order on any future visits when you re-use the cup! This is a great promotion. Customers will want to come back to your shop over any other shop knowing they get 10% off each time + get to use their MAGIC Color Change® bowl.

If you haven't tried and color changing products, now is your chance! Get them while the weather is still warm and we have them in stock.

Sep 10th 2021 Vincent

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