Ice cream, seasons, and paper ice cream cups...

Ice cream, seasons, and paper ice cream cups...

One thing that I find absolutely amazing about ice cream shops is their ability to remain profitable year round! I am always pleasantly surprised how many ice cream, froyo, or other type of frozen dessert shop become successful as quick a one year in business. Sometimes even quicker!

There are not many other industries that can say the same. And as far as restaurant services go, that usually never happens!

For those of you that operate in colder climates (especially during winter), do you stay open year round? Or close the doors once the cold weather starts to set in?

At Frozen Solutions we are seeing more and more people stay open year round, and continue to remain profitable even through winter! Are you one of these businesses?

How do they do it though? How is it that an ice cream shop weathering 10 degree winter chills can stay open and make money?

It's all about keeping the heat high and having brightly lit signage and great advertising!

If your shop is warm people will come in to escape the cold. Even if it means indulging on a frosty treat.

Do you stay open year round? Or are you seasonal? We would love to know!

If you are seasonal, when do you typically start to open shop? And when do you close down? Inquiring minds want to know.

One thing we know for certain is that many of our seasonal customers purchase a bulk order of supplies before they close down. That way they are ready to open up at a moments notice. Which is smart considering all of the supply chain issues happening right now.

Did you know that the US is literally in a paper shortage? That is right folks... There is an actual shortage and it is becoming increasingly difficult to source paper cups, napkins, and other paper products.

We are on top of the issue and have sourced products from all over the place to make sure we can get you the supplies you need, when you need them.

Has the paper shortage effected you at all? Let us know in the comments below!

Apr 12th 2022 Vincent

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