The best ice cream cups and supplies for your dessert shop

The best ice cream cups and supplies for your dessert shop

What do you look for when sourcing supplies for your ice cream, gelato, or other frozen treat store?

Is high quality what drives you to purchase? Or maybe it's low cost or bright colors? Thankfully in 2022 paper and plastic technologies have advanced significantly so that we can get high quality cups, spoons and more for great prices. (if you know where to look).

Just remember that not all ice cream cups are created equal. If they are too cheap, you can almost guarantee that they will leak and get soggy. There are far too many froyo cups out there that fall apart by simply squeezing them a little too hard.

So what are some good paper dessert cups? Here are our top 5 picks based off of over a thousand customer orders.

1. 5oz Cow Print Froyo Cups

2. 16oz White Polka Dot Cups

3. 6oz White Cups

4. 12oz Pink Polka Dot Cups

5. 8oz Blue Polka Dot Cups

The cups you choose will depend on the size(s) you are looking for, colors, and how many you want! We have a variety of cups in different sizes and colors to match your branding and to give your customers what they want.

Ice cream spoons are similar in the fact that the quality of them can vary greatly from spoon to spoon. At Frozen Solutions we manufacture, source, and test everything on food items thick and thin, to make sure they will stand up to whatever you throw at them.

Whether you need heavy weight spoons for super thick and icy desserts, or a medium weight spoon for softer ice creams, froyo, and more... We've got them all! 

Here are our customers top 5 ice cream spoon picks:

1. 2, 4, 6, Cases Of Color Change Spoons

2. Medium Weight Tea Spoons

3. Heavy-weight Bio  Based Spoons

4. Medium Weight Color Changing Spoons

5. Taster Spoons

Sep 11th 2022 Vincent

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