NEW Ice cream and frozen dessert supplies!

NEW Ice cream and frozen dessert supplies!

It's heating up in the USA and you know what that means! Ice cream shops, and frozen dessert shops are getting ready for busy months ahead!

At Frozen Solutions we've been upgrading our selection of Mixes, equipment, cups, spoons and more, so that you can have the best summer season yet!

Although the USA is currently facing a paper shortage (which is kind of crazy) and there are still many shipping delays... We are working around the clock to get you the best supplies possible for your dessert or restaurant business. 

Check out a few of the new products we are currently offering!

Deliciously decorative Sprinkles! A topping that is sure to catch peoples attention.

sprinkles dessert topping

New Popping Boba from Boba Solutions! Available in a smaller 450 gram resealable container. These are a customer favorite as an ice cream, gelato, or froyo topping. Or as a delectable addition to bubble tea!

Popping boba

We can't forget about the Cone Genie! Quickly make warm fresh waffle cones and cut down on labor costs and time. Not to mention the fact that your entire shop will smell like fresh waffles!

Not to mention our regularly updated collection of cups, spoons and other supplies! 

The verdict is in and Frozen Solutions is Americas number 1 frozen dessert supplier. With the widest selection of products, the best prices and customer service that will make your business run much smoother! 

Please let us know if you have any questions or if there are any products that you would like us to add in the near future.

Apr 7th 2022 Vincent

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