Winter is on the way, cold is in, warm drinks are HOT!

Winter is on the way, cold is in, warm drinks are HOT!

Winter is coming! We all face challenges in the frozen dessert industry when the cold starts to set in. So what can you do to combat the slow months?

Let's take a look at what is working for other frozen treat shops during this time.

Coming in at number 1, are hot drinks! Make sure you have signage and advertisements explaining that you have hot drinks, and which drinks you offer. Don't forget to stock up on hot cups and lids.

Soon to be customers walking by your shop that see signage for hot coffee, hot chocolate, tea or something else while its freezing cold outside; will quickly make their way inside! 

They may even have kids with them. And we know how kids can be, it's NEVER too cold for a scoop of ice cream!

So make sure to start offering some hot drinks before it's too late.

Next up, make sure to offer winter specials. A weekly discount, percent off if people order a certain amount, or discounts for your most loyal customers. This will help get long-time customers into your shop, and entice new customers to stop in.

Don't overdo the discounts, make them limited but well worth it, and they are sure to bring in business!

Do you have heat lamps, or pop up heaters in-front of your shop? If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space with seating, make it look warm and comfy when it's cold. That way cold passerby's will want to stop in and sit at in your toasty outdoor seating. 

Are any of these things that you already offer? Or do you offer anything else that was not listed?

We would love to know! And I am sure your fellow dessert stores wan't to know as well. Please let us know what you think in the comments below, we look forward to hearing your ideas.

Nov 7th 2021 Vincent

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