New Products Incoming!

New Products Incoming!

Great news everyone! Plastic spoons, ice cream cups, ice cream and froyo lids, deli container lids, hot drink cups and more are on the way!

We recently had the opportunity to get some amazing new inventory sent to us. We know how hard it has been for everyone to get their hands on certain items. So we have been working extra hard to acquire goods in the USA so we can keep everyone fully stocked.

You can check back here and also make sure to check your emails for updates on when items are arriving and what is in stock.

Next Monday, September 6th we will have new bright and colorful heavyweight teaspoons available in multiple colors. They are perfect for ice cream, froyo, or any thick food and dessert items.

After that we will start to roll out more inventory so you can re-stock and supply. 

Please keep in mind we do have a limited amount of everything at the moment. So our newsletter subscribers will be the first to know when everything is in stock!

These items will be ready to ship as soon as we list them. We are currently inventorying everything, taking photos and getting them listed on the website. 

Thank you all for your continued support and patience as we all navigate these supply chain interruptions.

Aug 30th 2021 Vincent

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