Frozen Dessert Supplies

Frozen Dessert Supplies

If you're here, you are in the frozen dessert industry! And you're probably looking for the best frozen dessert supplies available.

Frozen Solutions has been catering to the dessert and restaurant industry for many years. And we have the largest selection and best prices anywhere.

Need ice cream cups? No problem! To go and takeout containers, we have those too. We are even an official PASMO soft serve machine distributor.

Here is a short list of some of the frozen dessert supplies that we carry:

• Ice cream cups

• Spoons

• Straws

• To go containers

• Ice cream equipment

• Cleaning supplies 

• and much more!

Did you know that we are the original creators of the MAGIC Color Changing® Spoons? And that we carry straws and bowls to match! These eye catching dessert supplies are a customer favorite, and they will be for you too.

We are your one stop shop for frozen treat supplies, we can even customize your cups, spoons, or anything else you would like, to match your branding. If you are in need of custom cups for your ice cream, froyo, or gelato, give us a call at 888-698-1711 .

Please browse the shop and take a look around. If you have any questions at all pertaining to the dessert industry, our experts are just a phone call away! And our expertise doesn't stop and just dessert supplies. 

We have marketing experts and brand builders here to help you get your store off the ground and flowing with foot traffic so you can focus on what's important to you.

So please reach out whenever you have a question.

Thank you,

- The Frozen Solutions Team 

Oct 30th 2021 Vincent

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