Christmas time, staying profitable and winter treats

Christmas time, staying profitable and winter treats

It is with a heavy heart that I must say, pumpkin season is on its way out. But if pumpkin spiced ice cream is your thing, or a top seller for you, keep it going for as long as you like!

So whats on the dessert chopping block for winter this year? Ice cream recipes for Christmas themed delights are popping up at all our local shops. Everything from Gingerbread ice cream and froyo, to peppermint and Christmas cookie flavors.

What unique flavors do you offer for this Holiday season? If you don't offer any you may want to reconsider. Taking full advantage of the holiday "rush" can be a blessing in disguise for any business owner. 

Did you know that people spend much more money during the months of November and December compared to the rest of the year? And I am not talking about the extra cash dropped on gifts. Individuals become "primed" for buying season as early as October. Large retail companies spend billions of dollars getting people in the Holiday mood in preparation for Black Friday and Christmas.

This holiday spending mentality trickles down onto everything. And as a result, you can utilize this time to make sales even as cold days roll in.

But let's not forget... You can't just sit by and do nothing, hoping sales will start coming in. Remember, winter is traditionally slow for frozen dessert shops, so you need to spice things up a little bit.

Bright colors, well lit shops, heaters out-front and inside, plus eye catching signage filled with holiday deals and beautiful dessert imagery. These are some of the things that will bring in customers! You want every passerby to notice your store.

You'll definitely want to add some holiday themed dessert supplies to your line up as well. Red and green cups, spoons, straws and more will all keep your customers in that primed holiday shopping state. Plus the kids will feel the Christmas cheer and happiness will be in the air! Keeping customers happy should be a number 1 priority, especially during the holidays!

Don't forget about your marketing during the cold months either. Many ice cream, froyo, boba, gelato and other frozen treat shops tend to slow down their marketing during winter. However this is often times when it is most important to stay on top of it and ramp things up a little bit.

While you will have a smaller amount of customers when it's cold out, as long as you remain profitable everything is on track for success! Winter and holiday themed social media posts and emails, banners, yelp and grubhub ads with a little holiday flare. Do what you can to stay one step above the competition.

If you have any holiday marketing ideas, ice cream flavors, or anything else you'd like to share, please let us know in the comments!

Nov 28th 2021 Vincent

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